I received my first telescope for Christmas when I was a young lad.  I didn’t even open any of the other presents and set about immediately to put the telescope together so I could run outside to start observing.  Luckily, it came with a solar filter so I could look at the sun without frying my eyeballs.  So it was the sun that was my first observation of the heavens through my new toy.  I was excited all day with the anticipation of the night arriving and taking the scope out to see all the glory of the night sky.  Thus began my fascination with the heavens.  I studied astronomy my whole life and in fact wanted to become an astronaut, but of course that dream never materialized.  I went a different course in life.  But always held true to my passion of astronomy and all things to do with the heavens.  Later in life I discovered the ancient Indian system of yuga and devoured anything I could read about it.  It has now become my passion in life to understand it and how it is connected to the precession of the equinox and how this system drives the human experience on planet Earth.


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